Gentle Forced Aligner Wrapper (v1.0)

About this version

About this app (See raw metadata.json)

This CLAMS app aligns transcript and audio track using Gentle. Gentle is a robust yet lenient forced aligner built on Kaldi.This app only works when Gentle is already installed locally.Unfortunately, Gentle is not distributed as a Python package distribution.To get Gentle installation instruction, see Make sure install Gentle from the git commit specified in analyzer_version in this metadata.


Configurable Parameters

(Multivalued means the parameter can have one or more values.)

Name Description Type Multivalued Default Choices
use_speech_segmentation When set true, use exising “speech”-typed TimeFrame annotations and run aligner only on those frames, instead of entire audio files. boolean N true false, true
use_tokenization When set true, Alignment annotation output will honor existing latest tokenization (Token annotations). Due to a limitation of the way Kaldi reads in English tokens, existing tokens must not contain whitespaces. boolean N true false, true
pretty The JSON body of the HTTP response will be re-formatted with 2-space indentation boolean N false false, true


(Note that not all output annotations are always generated.)