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Apply spaCy NLP to all text documents in a MMIF file.


Applies llava to video frames.


Detects scenes with text, like slates, chyrons and credits.


inaSpeechSegmenter is a CNN-based audio segmentation toolkit. The original software can be found at .


Stitches a sequence of TimePoint annotations into a sequence of TimeFrame annotations, performing simple smoothing of short peaks of positive labels.


CLAMS app wraps the docTR, End-to-End OCR model, available at . The model is capable of detecting text regions in the input image and recognizing text in the regions. The text-localized regions are organized hierarchically by the model into “pages” > “blocks” > “lines” > “words”, and this CLAMS app translates them into TextDocument, Paragraphs, Sentence, and Token annotations to represent recognized text contents, then aligns them to BoundingBox annotations that represent the detected geometries. This hierarchical structure is also represented in the TextDocument annotation output as two newlines (\n\n) between “paragraphs”, one newline (\n) between the “lines”, and one space (“ “) between the “words”. For the text recognition, the model is internally configured to use the “parseq” recognition model, and only works with English text at the moment.



A CLAMS wrapper for Whisper-based ASR software originally developed by OpenAI.


Using EasyOCR to extract text from timeframes


Apply named entity linking to all text documents in a MMIF file.


This tool detects slates.


This tool uses a vision model to classify video segments. Currenly supports “chyron” frame type.


This tool detects SMPTE color bars.


OpenCV-based text localization app that used EAST text detection model. Please visit the source code repository for full documentation.


This tool applies Parseq OCR to a video or image and generates text boxes and OCR results.


This tool applies Tesseract OCR to a video or image and generates text boxes and OCR results.


This tool detects chyrons, generates time segments.


This CLAMS app aligns transcript and audio track using Gentle. Gentle is a robust yet lenient forced aligner built on Kaldi.This app only works when Gentle is already installed locally.Unfortunately, Gentle is not distributed as a Python package distribution.To get Gentle installation instruction, see Make sure install Gentle from the git commit specified in analyzer_version in this metadata.


Detects spans of monotonic audio within an audio file


Brandeis Acoustic Classification & Segmentation (ACS) is a audio segmentation tool developed at Brandeis Lab for Linguistics and Computation. The original software can be found at .


A CLAMS wrapper for Kaldi-based ASR software originally developed by PopUpArchive and hipstas, and later updated by Kyeongmin Rim at Brandeis University. Wrapped software can be found at .