Few Shot Classifier (v1.0)

About this version

About this app (See raw metadata.json)

This tool uses a vision model to classify video segments. Currenly supports “chyron” frame type.


Configurable Parameters

(Multivalued means the parameter can have one or more values.)

Name Description Type Multivalued Default Choices
timeUnit Unit for output timeframe string N frames frames, milliseconds
sampleRatio Frequency to sample frames. integer N 30  
minFrameCount Minimum number of frames required for a timeframe to be included in the output with a minimum value of 1 integer N 60  
threshold Threshold from 0-1, lower accepts more potential labels. number N 0.8  
finetunedFrameType Name of fine-tuned model to use. All pre-installed models are named after the frame type they were fine-tuned for.

If an empty value is passed, the app will look for fewshots.csv file in the same directory as the app.py and create a new fine-tuned model based on the examples in that file.

At the moment, a model fine-tuned on “chyron” frame type is shipped as pre-installed.
string N chyron  
pretty The JSON body of the HTTP response will be re-formatted with 2-space indentation boolean N false false, true


(Note that not all output annotations are always generated.)