AAPB-PUA Kaldi Wrapper (v2)

About this version

About this app (See raw metadata.json)

**A CLAMS wrapper for Kaldi-based ASR software originally developed by PopUpArchive and hipstas, and later updated by Kyeongmin Rim at Brandeis University. Wrapped software can be found at https://github.com/brandeis-llc/aapb-pua-kaldi-docker . **


One of the following is required: [


Configurable Parameters

(Multivalued means the parameter can have one or more values.)

Name Description Type Multivalued Default Choices
use_speech_segmentation When true, the app looks for existing TimeFrame { “frameType”: “speech” } annotations, and runs ASR only on those frames, instead of entire audio files. boolean N true false, true


(Note that not all output annotations are always generated.)